RM 10 Water Purification System
The RM 10 is a free-standing water purification dispenser which uses the unique Cold Vaporisation™ technology to purify water. The RM 10 was designed for home and small offices for around 5 people.
The RM 10 is perfect for smaller spaces and can easily fit into a kitchen or meeting room without taking up much space.
Country Origin Australia
Model RM 10 (Counter Top type)
Assembly China
Number of filter No Filter
Color White Black
Size W38.3 x D55.1 x H55 cm
Net Weight 34.9kg (No Water)
Water Tank Cold Water 4.3L Hot Water 1.5L
Water temperature Cold Water  7°C (42°F) Hot Water  92°C (197°F)
Refrigerant R134a gas
Purifying Capacity 220-240VAC, 50Hz
LCD display Water purity, and hot and cold temperature
CLS technology Closed Loop System (CLS) for hygiene, safety and security
Purity monitor Continuous purity monitoring with auto emergency shutdown
Certification NSF / ETL / CCC / CE / RoHS / PSE