HCHO Removal IAQ Improvement Premium Services Plan


Specialist in large residential and office

Viesta Environmental Engineering provides a professional one stop solution of a rapid IAQ improvement to either your new office or new home. By adapting the patent-pending nano PCO technology and honeycomb carbon filter, with a professional IAQ inspection and indoor air circulation assessment, the HCHO caused by new decoration, paints, furniture and other contaminated source in your office and home can be easily eliminated.


IAQ Improvement Services included:




Optional procedures may also include as the case apply:

Air Oasis™ Air Purification System (U.S. patent) set up for airborne pollutant reduction

CT Catalyst (Japanese patent) spray on the applied surface

OG (U.S. patent) All Natural Odor Absorber

High Performance Air Circulator Fan for ventilation

U.S. patents CleanStation DFS Disinfecting Filtration System for respirable suspended particles

Honeycomb Carbon Filter for high contaminate area


Air Oasis™ Air Purification Applications

In only 3 days, the following new renovated locations have significant improvement in IAQ.


Office and Commercial Home and Residential
Description: Z:\Yui\from_jonathan\20150125\point5\20150901__IQA_layout_01-01.jpg Description: Z:\Yui\from_jonathan\20150125\point5\20150901__IQA_layout_01-04.jpg

Giorgio Armani 130,000 sq.ft.


Tai Hang Road 14,000 sq. ft.


Description: Z:\Yui\from_jonathan\20150125\point5\20150901__IQA_layout_01-02.jpg Description: Z:\Yui\from_jonathan\20150125\point5\20150901__IQA_layout_01-06.jpg

Swire Property 10.504 sq. ft.


Villa Bel Air 7,5000 sq. ft.


Description: Z:\Yui\from_jonathan\20150125\point5\20150901__IQA_layout_01-03.jpg Description: Z:\Yui\from_jonathan\20150125\point5\20150901__IQA_layout_01-07.jpg

Tung Chit Tabacco 10,000 sq. ft.


Dynasty 4,000 sq. ft.


Description: Z:\Yui\from_jonathan\20150125\point5\20150901__IQA_layout_01-05.jpg Description: Z:\Yui\from_jonathan\20150125\point5\20150901__IQA_layout_01-08.jpg

COFCO 4,100 sq. ft.


The Wings 700 sq.ft.